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Giada D2308U Mini Desktop

Giada D2308U Mini Desktop

Shop: Banggood

Brand: Giada


Giada D2308U Mini Desktop Intel i7-4500U GTX750 2x4G DDR3+1T SATA HDD

D2308U using desktop-class graphics, more powerful than mobile graphics performance level of this game laptop.

And its volume is one twentieth of traditional host, it does not occupy space.

It is a comprehensive gaming experience the awesome mini-computer, allowing gamers to have a new and better choice.


Support three screen display, so that the gaming experience more stimulating.

NVIDIA GTX750 desktop-class graphics card. Perfect gaming experience.

D2308U full lossless decoding support 4K, can connect to 4K TVs.

Full Metal Jacket, piano paint panel, exquisite workmanship.

1TB hard drive, can give you enough space.

Support 3D stereo surround technology.

OS: Win 7 in English

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