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GEKO PS100W PanicSafe Urban Emergency Locator

GEKO PS100W PanicSafe Urban Emergency Locator

Shop: Smarthome

Brand: GEKO


Designed with a combination of GPS tracking, a built-in G-sensor, and Bluetooth technology

Plugs into 12V accessory port

Automatically calls (android only), texts, and emails your loved ones

Location information updates automatically every 2 min-3 min

Alerts up to 7 different contacts within 2 seconds after having been in an accident

Provides 4 times faster charging speed than traditional charging station for your iOS and Android devices

How It Works

The PanicSafe comes equipped with Bluetooth technology to allow pairing between it and your WISO app. It syncs with your phone and app via Bluetooth and that allows texts/emails/call to be sent once PanicSafe has been activated. The app uses your device’s GPS signal to include location on the texts and emails.

Personal Gps Tracking on Google Maps

Loved ones will be able to easily locate you during an emergency on Google Maps via the WISO app, or online. When PanicSafe is activated, they’ll receive the SOS alerts containing simple and discreet location info on a map straight to their phone or email. Thereafter, the WISO app will update your contacts with your current location every three minutes, until alert is deactivated.

Audio Recording

Send your preselected loved ones a recording to let them know what’s going on.

Internal Power Supply

Activates for emergency alert even if in-car power supply is disrupted.

4x Faster Charging

While your conventional charger charges your device to 20%, Quick Charge 3.0 charges it to more than 70% in the same amount of time.

USB Charging Compatibility

The fast dual chargers are compatible with iPhone, Androids, iPads, tablets, and Bluetooth headphones.

No Extra Service Contracts

No separate monthly service plan or contracts required. WISO app offers free text messages every month and unlimited email/call notifications up to 3 contacts.

iOS and Android Supported

Whether you have an iOS or Android device, as long as you have internet service, you’ll be able to pair to your PanicSafe and activate your SOS alerts. No seperate monthly service plan or contract required. WISO app offers free text messages every month and unlimited email/call notifications up to 3 contacts.

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